Outsource Tax Form Processing

The trouble with tax season is having to remember the ever changing nuances required by the IRS and the extra hours your company has to invest in additional personnel costs – only to have to repeat the process next year.  We have the perfect solution!

Outsourcing saves you hours of administrative legwork, cuts the costs associated with traditional filing while effortlessly maintaining IRS compliance. Our processing service is safe, secure and reliable.  Simply provide a file with your employee and/or recipient information, and we print, mail and e-file from our SOC-certified organization.  We do the work so you can focus on other matters — and save money in the process!

Our Service Bureau team is always available to provide you with the personal and professional assistance you deserve. We are dedicated to the highest level of quality and service.

We offer two solutions:


This service is ideal for a small number of forms (250 or less).  You can either key or upload your information using our specifically designed Excel templates.  After you submit your forms to us, we print and mail to employees, e-file with the IRS and provide you electronic copies…  just so you can print duplicates at any time.


Of course it doesn’t matter if it is 50 records or 100,000 records, sometimes you just don’t have the time and manpower.  Let us do the work for you!  We import your information into our systems, print and mail recipient copies and e-file with the IRS.  We also provide you electronic copies.  It’s that easy.