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1099-INT FAQ

What Is The IRS Form 1099-INT?

Form 1099-INT is an IRS tax form used by payers such as banks, mutual funds, savings institutions, government entities, and other financial institutions that report to the IRS regarding the interest paid to recipients, investment expenses, bond premiums, taxes withheld, and more. A copy of Form 1099-INT must be provided to the recipient.

Who Is Required To File Form 1099-INT?

  • If you paid more than $10 to the recipient(s) for interest, Interest on U.S. Savings Bonds and Treasury obligations, and Tax exempt interest.
  • If you withheld and paid any foreign tax on interest.
  • Regardless of payment, you must file form 1099-INT if you withheld any federal income tax under a backup withholding.

When is the deadline to file Form 1099-INT?

For 2022 Tax Year, January 31, 2023 is the due date to distribute recipient copies, February 28, 2023 is the due date to paper file with the IRS and March 31, 2023 is the due date to file Form 1099-INT electronically.

What Information is Required to E-file Form 1099-NEC Online?

  • Payer Details: Name, EIN, and Address
  • Recipient Details: Name, TIN, Address
  • Interest and premium paid to the recipient
  • State and local information such as State number, taxes withheld