IRS Proposes Rules for Employers to E-File Information Returns

Filing 10 Forms or More?

The IRS counsel has issued proposed regulations to reduce the current 250-return threshold to 100 in 2022 and to 10 in 2023

You May Be Required to E-File to Meet Tax Laws

On Wednesday July 21st, IRS re-proposed regulations for electronic filing requirements for specified
returns and documents under the Taxpayer First Act 2019. The re-proposed regulations reduce the
threshold amount for electronic filing from 250 to 100 in calendar year 2022. And then reduced to 10 in
calendar year 2023. Requiring employers to aggregate all information returns, regardless of type, when
determining whether they meet the threshold for e-filing.

This law was scheduled to go into effect in January 2021, but was postponed due to COVID-19. If those
regulations are issued, many businesses will no longer submit paper forms.
With the passing of the act, the following filing thresholds below will be enforced in the upcoming years